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You've taken the first step towards being an instructor!

The Guarantee Proccess: Text

Our Guaranteed Proccess

These are our methods for achieving continual business and growth as an instructor with Skate Exclusive. 

  1. Free Limit: 
    Always supply a free lesson to someone for the first day. Limit what you do and say to create the anticipation for the next session.

  2. Social Solicitation:
    Advertise yourself daily on social media. During lessons, at home, or while doing anything. You would be surprised by the amount of interested people, you may get. Make sure you're consistent and entertaining! 

  3. Video Entertainment:
    Show why you're a skate instructor. Show off your skills no matter what they are! Skate related or not! Use that platform to bring out the best of you as an instructor.

  4. Sweeten the Lessons:
    This is our most popular method for everyone! If you own a business or gig where you want to make extra money, by all means, use us to your advantage. What better way for getting business for yourself than to say "If you purchase a lesson, ill give you a discount on my stuff." And it can corelate either way. To get started with this, Apply to be an associate too

  5. Public Pick Up:
    Probably the EASIEST way of getting new students. Go to a skating rink at least once a week and take the time to scope the area out. There is ALWAYS a person just learning to skate or looking for help to be better. Seize that opportunity!

The Guarantee Proccess: Text
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