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How We Roll

The insight for new students and those who are curious about how we teach,

How We Roll: News & Updates

Curiosity is what truly bring people to us and our goal is to answer any and every questions that may arise. Primary questions that everyone wants to know is how much is it and how does our program work. Well its pretty simple.

Prices ranges from $5 to $60. Giving all our students a virtually unbeatable price for our unique and dynamic learning experience.

What makes our methods so unique is our various instructors. Some may be certified. Some may not. But all have records of successful lessons and very significant skills to teach. Using this tactic of providing these instructors, we are able to supply our students with the opportunity to selectively experience lessons from which ever instructor that works best for them. In addition, we have instructors that provide videos weekly for each student to view. And it gets even better! We also, have instructors that send in-depth personal videos for those who cannot physically meet with them. So besides the hands on approach That all our instructors give, we also work virtually. What other Company would charge as low as $5 for all of these features?!?!?

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