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Skate Classes At Dance Quarters

1719 Tolendano Street New Orleans La. 70115

For class and payment information, please contact an instructor or book throughout our site.

Dance Quarters: Welcome

Why Dance Quarters

Skate Exclusive believe in quality! Before Hurricane Ida, our services thrived through the partnership of Skate Country Westbank. However, this rink has been shut down until further notice and the Skate Exclusive team took this opportunity to listen to the local skaters and search for a venue that can create an environment that can surpass the rest. Dance Quarters provided just that! Below are the concerns of the locals and benefits of having Dance Quarters.

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  • Only option for lessons has been outdoors

  • Cancelations within less than 24 hours due to weather

  • Heightened fatigue and exhaustion from heat

  • Repetitive lessons that leave no room to improve further

  • Rocky/bumpy ground

  • Environment that sometimes feel unsafe due to surrounding people

  • Unsatisfactory skate rentals

  • Time and traffic​

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Benefits Of Skate Exclusive at Dance Quarters

  • Indoors

  • Airconditioned

  • Wood floor (ideal for most skaters)

  • Sound system

  • Individually focused classes that guarantees improvement each time

  • The most talented skaters in the area are instructors

  • New skate rental

  • No cancelations (unless announced a week or more prior)

  • Smooth surface

  • Various class times

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Please note: While these accommodations are great, it does cost our instructors time and money to prepare each day for classes and lessons. In order for us to give you this continued luxury, we ask all attendees to please spread the word of the classes that you attend. By doing so, you will not only help our business and instructors grow but you will also open up the opportunity for us to deliver even better accommodations over time.

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