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Before Learning With Us

Before learning with us, we would like to share a few things you should know. We have a variety of certified and uncertified skate instructors. This simply means that there's chances of you being taught in various ways. Which is EXACTLY how we want it. These instructors are taking time out of their lives to give you the absolute best service possible so in return, we ask for the utmost respect and cooperation during lessons. These instructors also have the right to refuse lessons to an individual for a justifiable reason. In addition, we would like to maintain a balance in our relationships with our trainees. If you or anyone you kno, have any concerns or situations involving our instructors, we will do whats needed to address the situation.

Our rules are as simple as the skating rinks rules. Main rule is YOU ARE SKATING AT YOUR OWN RISK. While its not common, injuries can occur. By working with us, you are assuming all risk. If you are learning inside a skating rink, we ask that you be helpful and give respect to others. Chances are high that, others may come and interrupt lessons at times. For this, we want you to be aware that our instructors are trained to accommodate all in an organized and routine manner. If it may feel that they're going against your time and lessons, please contact us. Instructors all should have a set goal for each session with their attendees. If this is not met or realized, we will take action. Your satisfaction is definitely our priority.

When skating outside, we are to assume you have the necessary equipment to learn safely. We WILL NOT supply you with skates. During our outside sessions, as always, there's risks of injury. SKATE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Be aware that at times, our associates may be dj-ing, recording and/or doing other tasks during lessons. This is for our purposes only. Attendees will be asked permission before publishing any information that includes them.

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