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Our Team

Helping Skaters Grow

Skate Exclusive would have not be the same without our team of passionate, professional and dedicated instructors. We’re extremely proud to share some of their stories with you, and if you have any questions or remarks - get in touch.


Jovan "Slick Twist" Hawthorne

All Course Instructor

Jovan "Slick Twist" Hawthorne has been skating for 14 years. Traveled to many states and learned various styles of skating. While primarily a middle freestyle skater with a seemingly endless amount of moves, he is familiar with a number of routines and also has been instructor to a group of extremely talented skaters


Christopher "Squrl" Carradine

All Course Instructor

Hi, I'm Chris "Squrl" and I'm a skate instructor from New Orleans! I teach a wide variety of things and would love to roll with you and get you groovin with me and the Krewe! Here's my schedule I do private lessons as well, DM me for more info!


Mz Yoyo

Intermediate Course Instructor

Mz Jazzy YoYo intermediate level class features an active and gratifying experience with plenty of repetition to earn a flow of movements that goes beyond the basics. Such as slow walk, scissor twist, crazy legs, pivots and clever combinations. We all can Kut Up and learn a thing or two from her sophisticated style!

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